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 Birth of a Tornado

This is the best footage of the birth of a tornado I have seen in a while. Remember to take Your PowerSafe Emergency Radio with Solar and Crank Charger

Here is a video on the features of the PowerSafe:

DTC LifeTools is devoted to bringing you the greatest quality emergency, security, and safety devices available. So how does an LED desk lamp qualify as a DTC LifeTool? This video documents some of the reasons we chose it for our line of products at DTC LifeTools.

  • SOLAR DESK LAMP: If the battery goes dead from extended use, simply leave it in the sun for a while and turn it on again. the Power is out during the birth of a tornado due to the damage done.
  • PORTABLE DESK LAMP: The bright red flashing LED emergency warning light with a siren that sounds just like a loud automobile alarm has more possible uses than can be noted herein. A few such situations consist of SOS or distress calls in survival situations while out in the wilderness. The security uses can likewise consist of walking alone in the evening, crossing university after dark, walking to your car after work – if a would-be, purse snatcher, stalker or burglar does come by, simply flip a switch and watch them run. If an older relative who lives alone in an apartment or condominium requires assistance and can’t call out, all they have to do is turn on the alarm.
  • EMERGENCY LIGHTS FOR CARS, CAMPING & OUTDOORS: The LED flashlight consists of 3 ultra-bright LED lights for a more concentrated beam of light right where you require it. To turn on the flashlight simply slide the switch with your thumb.
  • SIREN AND FLASHING BEACON if you get trapped under debris during a tornado or other disaster and cannot call out. Plus, if you happen to spot something “alarming” simply slide the switch in the opposite direction to trigger the bright red flashing LED emergency light and exceptionally loud siren! even if it’s only an animal rummaging through the garbage, you are likely to scare it so bad that it never visits your garbage again!
  • The desk lamp has 12 ultra bright LED lights with a dimmer switch to permit settings of Any brightness, best whether You desire a nightlight effect, relaxing atmosphere, reading, study, or table top jobs and projects that require extraordinary lighting.
  • These super-bright LED lights offer a pure white radiance that can fill out a room. The flip-out arm of the tool rotates 180 degrees to permit use as a floodlight for special projects such as working under the hood of your automobile, changing a tire along the roadside after dark.
  • The Bright White Lights of the PowerSafe LifeTool also happen to be perfect lighting for shooting videos for YouTube – simply strap one or more PowerSafe LifeTools to a tripod or a pole and you have a gorgeous bright white light!
  • The FM radio can offer a source for weather updates when camping and hiking.

The uses for the PowerSafe LifeTool seem only to be restricted by one’s own creativity. Get Yours Today!
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