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The American Tornado

It has been an extremely active tornado season so for in 2014! Becoming a Master of Disaster over the American tornado has never been more important. To be a master of it means to be as prepared for it as one can be. To that end I have included links to three infographics to help you get started in your research.

Tornado Tracks During the Past 56 Years:

The first Infographic demonstrates that if you live in the middle and eastern part of the United States, you live in “Tornado Alley” making you a candidate to be in a participant in a tornado. Tornado Alley got its name from a strip of land extending from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri that is known for more than its share of twisters. Now the rest of the midwest and eastern US are experiencing them quite often too.

Tornado Alley-Infographic

History of Tornadoes in the United States:

This next Infographic describes the mechanics, development, and prevalence of tornadoes in America. It is important to know everything you can about being prepared, but much information about twisters is born out of a fascination with this phenomena by people who want to know. Some even become Storm Chasers who go around looking to get up close and personal with a tornado.

Tornadoes In the United States-Infographic

Tornado Safety Guide:

This third Infographic offers fundamental tips and information on how to be ready should a tornado come in your direction. Study this one carefully as it contains the backbone of your emergency preparedness plans.

Tornado Safety Guide Infographic

Keep a Bug-Out-Bag, (aka, grab-n-go bag) filled with things like your Emergency Radio, Car Escape Tools, Cell Phone Charger, Solar Emergency Lights and other essential supplies nearby so you can literally grab it on the run. Tornado’s happen just that fast.

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 Posted on : June 13, 2014
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