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Becoming a Master of Disaster, Hurricanes

To be a “Master of Disaster”, simply put is to be PREPARED for the less-than-predictable. I don’t like to use the word “unpredictable” because it is not accurate in most cases. We may not be able to predict “when” something bad is going to happen, but we can predict that there is a good chance it will happen. We can also predict what is likely to happen to us if we are not ready when it does. Our DTC Master of Disaster trainings are here to offer you the resources and education to achieve the status of being prepared for life’s emergencies and whatever it throws at you. You can click on the infographic below to see and read the whole thing. This one contains what to do and think about before, during, and after a severe weather event such as a hurricane strikes. Planning for all three of these time periods gives the best possible chance of being thoroughly prepared for such an event. Be Prepared: Severe Weather Tips Infographic We at DTC LifeTools hope and pray that you will never actually need our training and emergency tools. However, we realize how likely it is that some of you/us WILL actually benefit from getting prepared. That’s why it is our Mission to get our emergency escape tools, emergency radio, LED flashlights, solar phone chargers, and other products into as many hands as possible. We have already received one report of a life saved by this mission and we look forward to making such a difference in the future.

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