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We at DTC LifeTools are very close to the actual day that marks our 1 year anniversary. We officially launched the Company with the release of our first two products: the AutoSafe Tire Pressure Gauge and the LightSafe LED Flashlight. Both products are made with swiss-army-like stainless steel multitools that include an auto glass breaker, seat belt cutter, and various other handy tools.

We look back over the year with gratitude for so many things. First, that these two products were so weel received by our customers. The were literally neck-and-neck in polarity during the first six months. But over the Christmas season the AutoSafe began to pull away to become our most popular product. The Tire gauge with auto glass breaker makes a great gift. One of our customers said well in her review on Amazon:

“I purchased these to share with my kids and grandkids in their Christmas stockings. What better gift than a tool which could be used to help them with a car problem. The tools on this item are good quality and there are many many uses for this product.” – Judie D.

We are also grateful to our many fans and followers who have sent in reviews and testimonials to us and to surveys conducted by Amazon. Thanks to them we have an amazon customer satisfaction score of 100! In the review video of the AutoSafe tire gauge and car escape tool above we have included excerpts for from several of the 5 star review we have received – we are grateful for those because one of our primary goals over the past year has been 100% customer satisfaction.

We were unable to fully achieve that goal but got very close with more than 95% of our customer reviews for the AutoSafe at 5-star status. Of course perfection is elusive, but we will continue to pursue that kind of excellence. We hold to the belief that “the customer is always right” because that is how my brother and I grew up.

We are so grateful to our customers, fans, and followers on our Facebook and other social hangouts that we have planned several giveaway contests for the month of June – a few lucky winners are going to get a complete set of our Lifetools. We also plan to give several tools away to other winners over the full month of June. We are currently putting together the parameters of the contests and will make an announcement very soon. So stay tuned for that!

You can find out more by checking in here on our website and on the following social media channels listed below:

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Thanks again for your support and we wish you many blessings as we move into our second year!

Don Carter

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 Posted on : May 27, 2014
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