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How To Chose the Best Multitool

Multitools are singular pieces of hiking and camping equipment with several different functions. These tools are often built in a compact stainless steel handle with different tools which can be pulled out. In most cases, multitools include needle-nosed or regular pliers which can be used to tighten or loosen bolts, bend wires, and pull out nails. Some multitools also have pliers with built-in wire stripping and wire cutting functions. There are heavy-duty multitools for use in projects shed plans, and light-duty multitools for more precision work and working in tight places

These handy multitools can also include a sharp knife with a foldaway, safe blade which can be used for cutting. These may also include a metal saw, wood saw, or serrate knife. A screwdriver is often a common inclusion in this tool. In most multitools, both Phillips and flat head screwdrivers are included in one handy tool. Some tools have a file for metal or timber, a ruler, and scissors. Multitools also include bottle and can openers for food preparation. Some tools also have a hole punch or awl to put holes in thick canvas or leather.

Choosing the Best Multitools

The best multitools are able to provide the most basic functions as well as satisfy all safety requirements. The tools must be lightweight as well as compact. They must be durable also so that the tools can be used for many years. More importantly, multitools must be worth their value because they can be very expensive. Really young campers shouldn’t be allowed to use these tools because they can easily lose them and thus may not be worth the investment.

Qualities Of The Right Multitools

The right multitools must also be safe enough to use even under extreme conditions such as in the outdoors. If there’s to be a sharp blade tool, it is nice for it to have a locking mechanism so that the blade can be safely locked in place to prevent injury. Two other considerations are its weight and function. The tool must be light enough and handy when it is used during hiking, camping, or road trips. A small tool can be easily clipped on a belt or on a lanyard ring. If the tool is heavier and larger, it must come with a protective pouch made from nylon or leather and must be easily attached to the belt. In looking for multitools, it is important to know that if more tools are added, then it will be rather difficult to grasp the handle.

The stainless steel must be of the best quality so that it doesn’t rust. It must also be made of a strong type of steel. In general, a stainless steel tool of good quality can be expensive. Lastly, in choosing multitools, a person must choose one with a lot of functions so as to limit the number of different tools he brings along with him. This can free up more space for other outdoor essentials like mess kits. One with a tire gauge or LED flashlight and a rope, seatbelt, and twine cutting function as well as screwdrivers. This way, the multitool can be versatile and compact at the same time.

Here are a couple of good examples 😉

Tire Pressure Gauge Digital Version LED Flashlight with car escape tools

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 Posted on : December 26, 2014
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