PowerSafe Solar Phone Charger on Amazon

PowerSafe Solar Phone Charger on Amazon


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Solar Phone Charger & Emergency Radio on Amazon

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The PowerSafe LifeTool is a cordless, rechargeable solar emergency light, emergency radio, and LED desk lamp designed to be useful in any environment. It is fully portable so you can take it where ever you go. Use it at home, the office, dorm room, and even just walking through a dark parking lot at night.

LED Desk Lamp: The PowerSafe has 12 ultra-bright LED lights recessed into the flip-out arm of the tool. The arm rotates 180 degrees for use as a floodlight. At 90 degrees, the recessed lights are perfect for study, reading, and other desk top work. The switch is a dial so you can choose any brightness level.

Personal Security System: The PowerSafe is also a one-of-a-kind security system that has an ultra-bright, flashing LED emergency light and a siren that sounds like a loud car alarm. Imagine these Scenarios:

– On a weekend in a half-deserted dorm room a simple flip of a switch can chase a would-be intruder away.
– Walking to your car after work can be easier with your personal alarm.
– Hiking through the wilderness, twist an ankle and cannot walk. The siren alerts others from the next ridge over.
– Your mother slips in her apartment and can’t get up…well, you get the picture.

Emergency Radio & More: Weather updates, listen to favorite music, charge mobile devices, floodlight to change a tire or check under the hood, a USB cable and port to charge the unit by computer and a hand crank dynamo for absence of sunlight.

Three Year Limited Guarantee: All functions are guaranteed to work for up to three years under normal use. Contact DTC LifeTools and we will replace it for free.

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