LightSafe Car Escape Tool

LightSafe Car Escape Tool


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LightSafe Car Escape Tool & LED Flashlight w/ Multitools

Checkout all the feature of this Car Escape Tool in the video below:

– Auto Accidents, Drunk Drivers
– Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes
– Flooded Creeks & Crossings
– Great for Camping, Hiking Gear

Rest assured knowing your loved ones have the car escape tool they need in an emergency:

An Ounce of Prevention… Emergency preparedness seems even more CRITICAL now than ever. Having a set of emergency escape tools and survival gear within reach is a comfort even if you never need them. In addition to the emergency escape hammer for breaking auto safety glass, the DTC LightSafe Car Escape Tool provides an ultra-bright LED flashlight, a flashing red emergency torchlight to get attention fast, a seatbelt cutter for fast escapes when every minute counts!

Awesome Gift… Fathers day, birthday, holiday…Dads LOVE gadgets. Parents – Gift to your children!

Emergency Car Kit… Keep this car escape tool in your emergency car kit or glove box. An emergency escape hammer tool, seatbelt cutter, bright flashlight, scissors, small pliers for small places, and screwdrivers all in a stainless steel case – guaranteed to never rust!

The ultra-bright LED light can help users find their way in the dark, locate items under the seat, and signal for help. There is a built-in seat belt cutter and a auto glass breaker to help users get out quickly in case of an accident. With small scissors, screwdrivers and a saw, this is the perfect all-in-one tool to help people stay safe driving, hiking or simply at home.

  • GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT! Prepare Self & Others – Buy 2 or More & Get Free Shipping with Amazon Prime
  • Emergency Escape Hammer to Break Windows in Cars and Trucks; Seat Belt Cutter for Fast Escapes
  • Excellent Hiking Gear, LED Flashlight with multitools, Red LED Light to See Tire Valve in the Dark
  • SEE ALL DTC LIFETOOLS IN ACTION (Search DTC LifeTools on YouTube)