MiniBoomer Boombox and Emergency Radio

MiniBoomer Boombox and Emergency Radio


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MiniBoomer Boombox and Emergency Radio

 See why the MiniBoomer also make a Great Jobsite Radio!

The MiniBoomer LifeTool is made as an elite “grab-n-go” emergency radio perfect for quick getaways such as weather emergencies, natural disasters, and other emergency preparedness scenarios. Not just another weather radio or boombox, it also pulls its weight in many other ways. At DTC LifeTools we make emergency kit products that are useful even when there is no emergency!

The MiniBoomer makes an excellent jobsite radio for dad. As an emergency radio and boombox combo, its a perfect tool to get the kids involved and engaged in emergency preparedness planning for the family. It can be their job to grab the little yellow boombox on the way out in an emergency scenario. Being yellow it is easy to locate, and being a boombox it is likely the kids will know right where it can be found, if they don’t already have it on them! And, their “job” is very important to the plan because this particular grab-n-go tool has an incredible amount of uses making it one of the most important and valuable things to have during an emergency.

1. Dual Track Music Player with 8 Audio Modes
2. Emergency Siren with Bright Blinking light
3. Super-Bright LED Flashlight
4. Supports Music from AM/FM Stereo, USB, & High Capacity SD Card
5. AUX Audio Input to Act as Speaker System for Computer, Mobile Phone, MP3 Player
6. Recharges with the Hank Crank or USB Port
7. Recharges your Mobile Phone and Other Devices
8. Telescoping Antenna
9. Stout, Bright Color, and Compact!

This emergency radio system includes a four-bulb, ultra-bright LED Flashlight on one end and a flashing yellow emergency light on the other. When the flashing light is activated, a LOUD siren blares at the push of a button with quick attention-getting sound. These compact stereos can make the difference between life and death on hiking trips when lost, trapped, or injured.

In addition to the life-saving features this emergency preparedness radio system also boasts a wide range of fun-loving audio features including a Dual Track Music Player that plays in eight audio modes including the now standard MP3 files and AM/FM stations with high quality, stereo sound via the radio, a USB port, and a high-capacity SD card slot.

Anyone who listens to music on their laptop, tablet, cell phone, MP3 player, or desktop computer will appreciate the AUX audio input function that allows the MiniBoomer to become a high quality stereo speaker system through a simple plug-and-play interface.

The unit is rechargeable via USB cable or hand crank dynamo charger. The unit also operates on batteries as a back-up measure. This emergency radio also charges cell phones and other devices via USB Output port.

This outstanding emergency radio system comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and sealed LED lights that never need replaced.

The MiniBoomer is a great gift – so don’t wait! click the buy button above and get yours today!