AutoSafe Tire Pressure Gauge w Car Escape Tool

AutoSafe Tire Pressure Gauge w Car Escape Tool


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(Model# DTC-HL818)


  • Tire Pressure Gauge Digital Readout and Car Escape tool to Break Safety Glass When Necessary; Such as Underwater Escapes
  • Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight and LED Flashing Red Light for Emergencies
  • Seat Belt Cutter for Fast Escapes and Other Cutting Uses on the Road
  • Light-Duty Multitools for Hard-to-Reach & Small Places – Screwdrivers, Scissors, and Pliers
  • Packaged in a Colorful Box (Great for Gift Wrap) Powered by 3 AAA Batteries (Not Included)

Be Prepared… Rest assured knowing your loved ones have the survival gear they need in an emergency:

  • Auto Accidents, Drunk Drivers
  • Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes
  • Flooded Creeks & Crossings
  • Emergencies while Camping, Hiking, and Biking

 An Ounce of Prevention: Being prepared is CRITICAL now even more than ever before. Having a collection of car escape tools and survival equipment within reach is a comfort also if you never require them. Aside from the emergency escape hammer for breaking vehicle safety glass, the DTC LightSafe LifeTool offers an ultra-bright LED flashlight, a flashing red emergency torchlight to get attention quickly, a seatbelt cutter for quick retreats when every min counts!

Emergency Car Kit devices: Keep these survival tools in your emergency auto kit or glove box. A tire pressure gauge (save fuel, wear & tear, and lives), seat belt cutter device, bright flashlight, scissors, small pliers for small locations, and screwdrivers done in a stainless steel situation– ensured to never ever rust! Outstanding Gift! Fathers day, birthday, holiday … Dad’s ENJOY devices. Moms and dads– Give these to your children!

DTC Guarantee… If for any reason this product is not what you hoped for, Contact us or return it to DTC LifeTools, along with your order number, for a refund or replacement. Guaranteed to function at 100% for up to 3 years. If you prefer, you can go to our Product Page and pickup this LifeTool Now… Safety and security are too important to put off. 

We designed this tool to be everything a driver needs to help to maintain their car and stay safe. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for folks to be prepared. By offering our tools at competitive prices and the best customer service, we hope it will encourage everyone to get these devices that they need to be prepared for an emergency.” – Don Carter, CEO, DTC LifeTools

There is also a seat belt cutter to help passengers get out of their vehicle as quickly as possible. A light-duty scissors and pliers are small enough to fit into tight places and make this a complete package of safety and maintenance tools in a durable stainless steel case. All of the tools are also made from stainless steel to ensure a lifetime of durable, reliable use.

This tool has everything you need to keep in your car and its compact enough that it doesn’t take up a ton of room in your glove box (Lord knows I have LOTS of sunglasses in there!) The tools are easy to pull out and use, the flashlight is surprisingly bright for how small it looks, and the digital tire gauge is the best! It’s a high quality, heavy duty tool and I love it! Well worth the money.” – Jen Bowman, customer