DTC Tire Pressure Gauge Digital Version on Amazon

DTC Tire Pressure Gauge Digital Version on Amazon


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Features…This tire pressure gauge digital readout with emergency escape tool is a perfect addition to any emergency car kit. It includes an accurate tire gauge with car escape tools such as an auto glass breaker, seat belt cutter, and stainless steel multitools. The AutoSafe LifeTool makes a great gift for the holidays! In fact, any occasion is great time to get one for everyone because when you buy two or more you can get free shipping! Use the emergency glass hammer to break windows in cars or trucks and the seatbelt cutter for fast exits, especially when floods and deep water are part of the picture.

This flexible tire pressure gauge is also outstanding for camping trips and includes “must have” tools for hiking trips such as an LED flashlight with multitools and a super-bright red LED light to use for an emergency beacon and locating the valve stem after dark. The tire gauge measures up to 150 psi with 4 Modes for use in all parts of the world (PSI, BAR, KPA; KG/CM.) The tire gauge tests with an accuracy +/- 1 PSI.

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