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Stormy Skies Rock

Stormy Skies and Rocks make for good pictures. Take a look…

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Here is a gift idea for everyone in the family, this tire pressure gauge digital readout fits nicely into any stocking!

 The narrative below is gleaned from an actual customer review of DTC LifeTools’ AutoSafe Tire Pressure Gauge and Car Escape Tool on…Mad Mex writes,

“I wanted to see if the tire pressure gauge would be accurate. One day earlier the tires were filled to 31 P S I, which is exactly what the tire gauge read the next day. The second tool I tested was the emergency glass hammer. I have a friend in Indiana who drives demolition derby cars, so he constantly has beatup cars around We locked the glass hammer into position, put a pair of safety glasses on, and swung away.

On the first swing the glass hammer was effective at causing the glass to spider crack, it created a puncture hole exactly where the point of the hammer hit. With a second swing, the glass gave way, I was able to clear it and knock out the window.

The third, and final tool I tested was the seatbelt cutter. I cut through one of the seatbelts in the junk derby car, with minimal effort the serrated blades on the seatbelt cutter were very sharp and effective at doing their job. I have not had time yet to use, or review, the rest of the tools in this device, but if the first three are any indication, I am sure I will be satisfied with the rest!”

DTC AutoSafe Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Review Video time markers:

0:04 – DTC LifeTools Product Line
0:30 – Tire Gauge Review
0:51 – Escape Hammer Review
1:33 – Seatbelt Cutter
1:53 – Closing Remarks
2:02 – End

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 Posted on : October 25, 2014