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Birth of a Tornado in Wyoming?

Severe Weather

The spectacle of nature holds a special reverence in the human heart. It is kind of like a cobra sometimes in that it can keep you entranced enough to look directly into its eye even as it plans to strike.
And below is a video of a great tool to have on hand for such an occasion – The PowerSafe Emergency Radio with Solar AND Hand Crank Charger.

ALSO A PORTABLE DESK LAMP: The bright red flashing LED emergency warning light with a siren that sounds just like a loud automobile alarm has more possible uses than can be noted herein. A few such situations consist of SOS or distress calls if indeed you ever do encounter a tornado and get trapped under debris or in survival situations while out in the wilderness. The bright flashing light PLUS loud siren is bound to get attention if there is anyone nearby. The security uses can likewise consist of walking alone in the evening, crossing university after dark, walking to your car after work – if a would-be, purse snatcher, stalker or burglar does come by, simply flip a switch and watch them run. If an older relative who lives alone in an apartment or condominium requires assistance and can’t call out, all they have to do is turn on the alarm.

Wyoming Magic by tornadochaser06
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 Posted on : October 23, 2014