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Jeeping Dangerous Blackbear Pass

Jeep Tails: Blackbear Pass in Telluride Colorado is one of the most dangerous Jeep trails in the Rocky Mountains. It is for advanced four-wheelers. Here is a good video (lot of them have been recorded and I will show more here)

Driver: “Breaking in the new Rubicon on my first trip over Black Bear Pass. The map implies that the video ends in Telluride”

Jeepoing requires having the right tool son hand. Tire pressure is critical to four-wheeling in rough terrain. The DTC LifeTools AutoSafe Digital Tire Gauge is a prefect Jeepster’s companion!

AutoSafe Tire Pressure Gauge w/ Car Escape Tool – DTC LifeTools

Tire Pressure Gauge w/ Car Escape tool to cut jammed seatbelts when necessary. Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight and LED Flashing Red Light for Emergencies Seat Belt Cutter for Fast Escapes and Other Cutting Uses on the Road Light-Duty Multitools for Hard-to-Reach & Small Places – Screwdrivers, Scissors, and Pliers Packaged


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