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Winter Weather Driving

There are some things you can do to be prepared.

  1. Snow tires – Obvious, but so many people wait. If you live in a place where it will snow even moderately, a set of snow tires is good thing to have. One set can last you for years, as long as you take them off when spring comes. Having a good tire gauge with car escape tools is also good to have.
  2. Water – Frozen pipes are a hassle, but dehydration is deadly. Have water in the house to drink. You can melt snow, yes, but it might use up precious energy that you need to stay warm.
  3. Lots of warm clothes (especially in the car) – Layers of clothing can be the key to survival. Have lots of sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and thermal underwear around. Thermal socks can help too.
  4. Plastic for windows – It might not be your first choice, but if the power goes out or the gas is shut off, keeping the wind out will become a huge priority.
  5. Light – Having a flashlight that you can manually charge might be the key to making it through the night or through miles of night snow.
  6. Radio – Knowing what is going to happen next can be hugely important; an emergency radio allows you to plan your next moves.
  7. Food – Canned foods and high calorie foods are extremely important in severe cold. If you are on a diet, stop when you are going to have to deal with severe weather.
  8. Cell phone – Having access to the outside world is key. We have said it many times before, but it bears repeating – even an old cell phone not on a network will reach 911. Have a charger that you can use to charge phones with a crank handle.
  9. A SAFE heater – There are some heaters that don’t require electricity that you can use in your home. DO NOT use grills, camp stoves or anything not made for use inside. You may find yourself a lot colder and a lot stiffer than you bargained for.
  10. AMobile Device Charger – You may need to charger your cell phone, laptop, or tablet. A charger with hand crank is ideal for these scenarios.

This winter plan ahead to be safe and warm.

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 Posted on : September 26, 2014
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