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Reviewed By Don Carter - Rating : 5.0

Tire Pressure Gauge Car Escape Tool Combo for Back-to-School

Summer is winding down. August is already here, bringing with it a flurry of vacation travelers and back-to-school shoppers. Traffic can be maddening, not to mention the elevated risk of MVA’s (also known as Motor Vehicle Accidents). On top of everything else there is another crop of new drivers hitting the highways along with last years crop who remain relatively new to the driving scene. All of them anxious to show off their new wheels to friends at school.

All the above are the reasons DTC LifeTools has chosen this time to release a new review video on our AutoSafe Tire Pressure Gauge with Car Escape Tools. The video, based upon an actual customer review, describes the results of several tests conducted with the AutoSafe.

None of us want to think about the bad things that can and, unfortunately, do happen throughout the school year. But here at DTC LifeTools we see this as one of the unpleasant but necessary responsibilities that come with our territory. We must do that which others want to avoid in order to reach our goal of putting car escape tools and security equipment into as many hands as we can. We all pray for the best and, hopefully, plan for the worst.

Sooner or later the numbers will do their work and an accident will happen. We want to “be there” when it does. The more tools we get out, the better chance we have of meeting our goal. In fact, it only took seven months for us to receive news that the AutoSafe Car Escape Tool saved a life in Texas. Carlos P reported to that his car rolled over – he had to break out the window AND cut the seatbelt to get out of the car before it exploded.

You see, just because back-to-school season ends as quickly as it begins, it doesn’t mean the risk is lessened. These new and inexperienced drivers are going to be one the road driving to and from school and cruising with friends on the weekends. Watch the video above to learn more about the AutoSafe. The video is inspired by a lengthy customer review from someone who test our the three main features and shares his 5-star experience.

More Customer Reviews:

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“This tool is great! First of all, I love that in addition to a tire gauge, it has so many uses. I can’t count the number of times I have randomly needed scissors to open or cut something or needed a flashlight to find something that fell out of the car in the dark . Also, the tool is quite compact. It easily fits into my glove compartment and doesn’t take up much room… having this tool in my car has made me feel a safer. It gives me a peace of mind knowing I now have something that could cut a seatbelt or break glass in the event of an accident.” – Liz C.

“Living in Las Vegas, I have already come across a need to use the digital tire gauge as my SUV has a tire sensor that triggered a low tire pressure alarm with the increasing heat here. This handy tool takes the guess work out while inflating my tire to the proper PSI specs that my tires require. I have tested it against another digital tire gauge comparing the readings on my Expedition, Magnum, and my mountain bike. All readings were spot on. ” – Rafael F.

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 Posted on : August 5, 2014
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