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PowerSafe Solar Desk Lamp

With back-to-school season upon us, its time to consider items that will be useful for students who are returning to college campuses all over the country soon. A multifunctional LED Desk Lamp also loaded with security features to keep its owner safe, the PowerSafe LifeTool by DTC LifeTools is a great addition to your back to school shopping list!  We created this video in order to try to cover many of these safety and security features.

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However, it proved very difficult to cover even half of the scenarios and circumstances where the PowerSafe excels. For example, we recently added a new scenario to our list of survival uses from a customer review, something we had not even thought of until she mentioned it…

Severe weather, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes can bring down the house around you. It is important to be prepared for those with a to go bag. How glad would you be to find a tool with a siren as loud almost as loud as a car alarm with an ultra-bright flashing beacon that you could activate in order to get the attention of rescuers? This is just one of the many uses of this solar emergency radio and LED Desk Lamp. The video above points our several more and below is a partial list of the main features.

Main Features

1. Portable LED Desk Lamp with FM Radio – great for late night studies. Has a dimmer switch for the full range of brightness levels.
2. Solar Emergency Radio – The radio is also excellent for keeping up to date with approaching weather systems and important ball games.
3. Solar Emergency Light – As in the scenario above, but also for camping and hiking emergencies, chasing critters away from the garbage at night, and scaring off strange dogs (many of our customers have told us their dogs cannot stand the alarm and run for cover)
4. Rechargeable by Three Power Sources including Hand Crank, USB Connector, and Solar Collector.
5. Portable Flood Lamp – To provide an ample source of light when changing a tire at night, checking under the hood of your car, camping out, etc.
6. Solar Phone Charger – Comes with connectors and adapters for popular mobile devices.

Customer Reviews:

Here are just a couple of the mostly 5-star customer reviews for the PowerSafe Solar Emergency Light and LED Desk Lamp.

“This is really a great product, the Lamp looks great on my computer desk and I love having the radio so convenient.
I plugged it in to charge with my computer and it is still going strong 2 days later. The security alarm is very penetrating and my dog does NOT love it, but it is a great feature to have, in fact I may have to purchase another one of these to have one in my car as well as at home.” – Judy D

“I bought this mostly just to use as a desk lamp, but now that I have it I’m impressed with everything else it can do. It works great as a lamp (very bright at max), but I’m getting a lot of use out of the flashlight and USB charger, to the point where I’m actually keeping it in my car instead of on my desk. Very handy.” – Guy M

Find more reviews on our product listing at are 18 and counting even though the PowerSafe is less than a year old. You can see more of our Videos on our YouTube Channel.

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 Posted on : August 4, 2014
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