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Addressing Mold after a Natural Disaster

Video Transcript: Where flooding occurs, moisture wicks up drywall, and wood, and any porous material. In about two or three days of wetness, you are likely to have mold. Mold is a hazardin high exposure for just about anybody. But it’s especially hazardous topeople with asthma, allergies, other respiratory conditions, or a suppressed immune system. So these folks should not go anywhere near a moldy home. I’m going to outlineten steps to a safe and effective do-it-yourself mold cleanup: One iswear protective clothing, including an N95 or better respirator; two, isolate the moldyarea from clean areas and ventilate to the outdoors with a fan in thewindow; three, remove porous moldy materials because you cannot properlyclean them; four, clean and disinfect if needed for rising contaminated flood water; five,consider applying a borate treatment to exposed wood — that will helpdeter decay and as well as mold as well; six, flush the air to get allthese mold spores out of the house as much as possible; seven, speed the drying processwith humidifiers, heating and cooling systems — get the air dry tohasten the drying of all the materials; eight, remain on mold alert — be alertto the scent and do visual inspections frequently to find any new growth of mold and deal withit promptly; nine, do not restore the walls and the floors or anythingthat’s been wet until it is really dry or you could have hidden problems later;and ten, consider restoring your home with flood-resistant or flood-hardy materials insteadof the same kinds of materials that you had to discard to begin with. Thereare eight principles to keep in mind and to try to achieve to have a trulyhealthy home now and in the future: Keep it dry; clean; pest-free; safe; contaminant-free;well-ventilated; well-maintained; and thermally-controlled. Do more than justrestore — make your home better. It’s also a great opportunity to improve energy efficiency of your home. Make your home more resistant or more resilient to naturalhazards. Keep your family safe. [ Music ]

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 Posted on : October 9, 2014
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