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Back-to-School Suggestion: LED Flashlight Car Escape Tool

Why is back-to-school season such a good time to pick up an LED flashlight and care escape tool? For several reasons including the fact that brand new drivers are going to be taking their new wheels to show off at school. At the same time, last year’s crop of new drivers return with several months of practice and more confidence in their driving abilities – maybe a bit more confidence than they need.

Students making preparations to return to school across America in August elevates the risk of accidents by adding to the traffic while shopping for supplies and arranging their classes. On top of all that there is the fact that this is the same period where whole families are trying to fit in their summer vacation before they run out of time.

Due to all these factors, the traffic congestion increases until it reaches a crescendo over the Labor Day Weekend which has become one of the biggest travel Weekends of the summer. It is a period of increased risk of accident and injury.

It was with this backdrop that DTC LifeTools decided to produce and release a new review video for our LightSafe LifeTool. The LightSafe is an LED Flashlight with car escape tools including an auto glass breaker, seatbelt cutter, and a set of stainless steel multitools.

It is never an easy thing to bring up scenarios of disaster, especially when it concerns our kids. However, we feel that someone has to take the responsibility to remind people of the bad things that can befall our loved ones in order that we may be prepared to act should the worst happen.

One reason it is a mission for DTC LifeTools to put as many of our lifesaving car escape tools into as many cars as possible is so we can increase the odds that our tools will be there when and if needed. The more escape tools we place into your hands, the better our chances of them being at the right place at the right time.

As for the quality of our products, we like to let our customers do the talking. Below are a couple of actual customer reviews from our product listing on

“Higher quality than I expected. Well designed, too. I was also impressed with the follow-up support with helpful tips and even a video demonstration. To top it off, my husband really liked it! (Shopping for my husband is extremely difficult. Whew! A Father’s Day success.) ” – A.J.Brown

“I LOVE This flash light rescue tool, it does everything, I can see what am doing, it has a screw driver and a knife, everything and so much more, this is the most powerful flash light I have had in a long time. This is so worth having, everyone needs one of these ” – Jane Baily

We agree wholeheartedly with Jane! Every car should have a car escape tool, just like every car has a tire jack. Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) are the number one cause of death for 16 to 24 year old’s in America. This is unacceptable.

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 Posted on : August 6, 2014
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