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What Happens When a Natural Catastrophe Strikes?

Natural Catastrophe’s What happens when a natural disaster strikes?When a hurricane, flood, major storm, or any other natural catastrophic event hits, people’slives are turned upside down. Insurance agencies and their insurance claims adjusters are forcedto go into overdrive to handle the amount of calls in order to respond, and get theircustomers the compensation they so desperately need. When these catastrophic events hit, the IA (insurance agencies) need to hire fully trainedand prepared independent CAT (catastrophe) claims adjusters. These adjusters need tobe trained in all aspects of adjusting because of the absolute devastation they will haveto review and estimate. Due to the high level of training required,the high stress, and the immediate need for adjusters; the deployed independent agentscan make 6 figures in 6 months. In heavy storm seasons, estimators have been known to make$300,000 – $400,000 in a year. CAT Adjuster TrainingEstimators in this insurance niche need to have the proper certifications, registrations,tools, and knowledge to be successful in the field. There are many schools that train inone area or another. But, there is only one vocational training school that fully trainsand prepares their students to be successful in the field after graduation, VAS or VeteranAdjusting School. When VAS students graduate they are not onlyprepared for just about any scenario they may encounter in the field, but also havethe benefit of being able to call our instructors for additional help when they go to covera catastrophic event. If you are interested in becoming a CAT adjuster,click on the link below or go to http://www. vastrained. com to start your career path today.

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 Posted on : October 8, 2014
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