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What is an EMP?

We are hearing a lot these days about a catastrophic event called “Electromagnetic Pulse” event or EMP coming from solar activity or a nuclear attack. Such an even is said to have the potential to crash our power grid and leave us totally unable to function as a country.

The disruptions cause by an EMP is also predicted to bring massive causalities upwards of 80% or our population. It is easy to turn our heads and ignore such information and anxiety-producing to consider it – so we have a tendency to turn away.

For those who are preparing for life here are a couple of important primers to read. The first one helps you to understand the threat:

What is an EMP?

How to Prepare for One?

Having all the survival gear, supplies, and tools you can gather, along with food storage are the most important things to consider. Because transportation is not going to be available and everything else having to to with how our economy works. So we can expect the grocery stores are going to be emptied out in a matter of minutes.  But this next article on how to build your own Faraday box or cage describes one important thing you can do to be prepared, at least somewhat, for the situation:

Build Your Own Faraday Cage. Here’s How.

To be a “Master of Disaster” we must prepare for such events and consider all the possibilities. Be sure to put your DTC LifeTools in your Faraday Box as they have electronics. However, keep in mind that some of the tools are not based upon the use of electronics – such as the swiss-army-like multiools.

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