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All New DTC LifeTools Video Trailer for 2014

Check out our All New DTC LifeTools Video Trailer for 2014. We have been celebrating our first full year in business with contests and prizes for those who visit our website and social media hangouts including FacebookTwitter, Google Plus, YouTube, and more. In our first contest to open things up we gave away over $225 in prizes – congrats to Dewayne Cartee!

We also just launched our second contest of the summer – click here for details. Please join us and share the link when you enter. You get 10 more entries whenever one of your friends or followers clicks on the special link you will get after entering.

Video Markers:

0:04 AutoSafe – Tire Pressure Gauge with Car Escape tool
Get Yours Here:
0:10 PowerSafe – Solar Emergency Radio & Phone Charger
Get Yours Here:
0:17 LightSafe – LED Flashlight with Auto Glass Breaker and Escape Tools
Get Yours Here:
0:24 Miniboomer – Emergency Radio, Jobsite Radio, and MP3 Player
Get Yours Here:
0:31 DTC Web Address and invitation
0:43 Artist Drawing of DTC LifeTools
1:18 end of video

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 Posted on : July 5, 2014