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Civil Unrest

civil unrest

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When Others are Behaving Badly

Los Angeles, California – 1992

Seattle, Washington – 1999

Ferguson, Missouri – 2014

Civil unrest seems to be cyclical. In the US, it is almost always sparked by racial tensions. There is a great deal that has been and should be written about how these situations evolve, the differences between ‘protest’ and ‘unrest’ and where blame should lay for the devolution of these events. But that’s not what we are here for.

We are here to talk about how to deal with these events when they occur near you.

1) Be aware – If you live in a large city, a situation across the country might lead to issues near you. All humans have a tribal mentality. Often, in the US, we see our tribe as a racial or an ancestral connection. Ugly events in LA can spark events in Chicago, New York or Tulsa, simply because the people in power generally deal with the initial event poorly.

2) Stay insured – The most likely loss from a civil unrest event is property damage. Make sure that your insurance is up to date and that you are covered for damage done during this type of event. Nothing will feel worse that losing your home and property and then having some insurance geek tell you there is nothing they “can” do.

3) Have lots of food stored away – Canned food lasts for years (in fact, in most cases, years after the date on the can). Stash canned foods and water in case you find yourself stuck in your house.

4) Have a couple of fully charged cell phones – Even if a cell phone is not on a network, it will still dial 911 so Keep It Charged at all times. And the key here is to call as soon as you see people outside. Don’t wait for them to be in the house.

5) Taser – There is a faction that will say that you need a firearm. This is only a good idea if you are willing to put in the time to really learn to use it; otherwise, it’s a lethal weapon waiting for the bad guy to come and get it. A taser and stun gun will give you time to get away and that is the key to survival.

6)  A few hidden escape routes – The front door isn’t likely to be a good choice, but out a second floor window over a porch and down a trellis will be a good thing.

The major key here is to stay out of the center of town and, if a group shows up at your home, take your family and leave your stuff. It’s just stuff. Life is much harder to replace.

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 Posted on : September 18, 2014
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