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Boombox Mp3 Player & Emergency Radio

The MiniBoomer MP3 Player is loaded with many popular functions in a compact stereo. Not only will the kids love it, but parents can rest a little easier knowing the boombox is also an emergency radio with several security features such as LED flashlight, a loud siren and a flashing emergency beacon.

In fact, this little gem is also a great jobsite radio too. Use it to keep up with an approaching storm system, follow the news, listen to your favorite music, find things in the dark, and call for help should trouble arise. One of our customers brought up the idea that the emergency siren and flashing beacon would be a lifesaver if ever trapped under a debris or a fallen building.

The siren almost as loud as a car alarm. Just imagine how useful it would a be if its owner were pinned under rubble so that they had trouble breathing, let alone calling out for help. With fall and winter approaching, carpenters and construction crews will be moving to inside work soon.

The ability to play music from high capacity SD cards and USB drives gives the Mini boombox a boost into the digital world of young people. They can download songs, put them on their SD card or USB drive and play their favorite music for days without ever hearing the same song twice!

Furthermore, the USB port allows for cell phones, tablets, and anything else with music on board to “plug-in” to the Miniboomer using its high quality, dual track stereo system to play the sounds, giving a huge boost in quality to the sounds. One customer wrote in that he plugs in his wireless Bluetooth adapter and listens to music from a device in another part of his house – he then carries the Mini boombox with him from room to room.

Having such a popular and useful device is a great way to get kids involved in planning for emergencies. They can be “in charge” of bringing their boombox if when a disaster strikes. It can be used to shine a light in the dark, sound an alarm, follow the emergency updates on the radio, and keep everyone relaxed in a tense situation by playing favorite music. Emergency information can even be recorded on a USB drive and played on radio.

Here are a couple of actual customer reviews from our product listing:

For me, the most exciting option is being able to plug in an external audio source. I can plug in my mp3 player and play it over the speakers, or plug in a Bluetooth receiver and stream from my desktop or laptop computer to another room, or plug in my phone and have access to all of my music, audiobooks, and streaming media. I can watch movies on my laptop or phone now with really decent sound. The cable for this is not provided with the radio, but can be bought almost anywhere that sells phones or electronics.” – Chuck R, Amazon Customer

I purchased this liking the idea of a manual charger for disasters. The LED lights are very bright making for a wonderful flashlight. The emergency beacon and siren will definitely get someone’s attention if you would get trapped in a house collapse after a storm. Has a nice sounding stereo on it for general radio use. It can be used as an auxiliary speaker system for your laptop computer also. Handy earphone jacks on the back for quiet listening. You can plug an SD card for playing your own music. My favorite feature is the hand crank to power up in case the built-in battery and 4 AA batteries go out. You are even able to charge a cell phone with this little gem. I see no flaws except no frequency id when in the radio feature. ” – Amanda B.

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 Posted on : August 8, 2014
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